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New iPhone 11, Did you missed the special Event? Here We Made a Summary for you!

It’s not new that the Apple Event is one of the most waited events in the year, Just in case that you missed it and you don’t have time to watch the entire event, We made a special summary just for you, and last but not least We also Launched our Latest iPhone 11 cases Collection for all of those early adapters who already pre-ordered their  New iPhone.


In the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple campus in Cupertino in California, the technology company officially presented the iPhone 11 line.


Tim Cook, the executive director of Apple, opened with a short introduction stating: “We have a great morning planned for you, with some really great announcements”.

What Happened?

They introduced the new iPad, the seventh generation, in which its operating system allows you to open several tabs at once for users who prefer multitasking, use the keyboard in one corner of the tablet and not the entire bottom. Also its materials will use 100%  recyclable aluminum.

Apple watches now fit the style of each user. The new Apple Watch Series 5 comes in several designs and brings a handful of new sensors, as well as a new functionality to contribute to women’s health – that is if the user would like to provide data to the National Institute of Health of the United States and the University from Harvard–. A new feature of this device is that there is always an active display so you can see the time without having to move your wrist, something that has been requested since Apple Watch first debuted in 2015. And Apple promises that its battery will last Same 18 hours.

The most waited: The new Iphone 11 and Iphone 11 Pro

Apple reveals the iPhone 11 with a dual camera system, night mode and new colors. It is the successor of iPhone XR. Like last year’s model, the iPhone 11 includes a 6.1-inch screen, Apple’s biggest changes are in the camera on the back of the device. There are new color options, with purple, white, green, yellow, black and red available.

Last year’s iPhone XR had a single 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, but the iPhone 11 now includes a dual-camera system with an ultra-wide-angle camera that supports a 2x optical zoom. There is even a new immersive camera interface that allows you to see outside the frame, so you can see the details of the photos you are taking with the ultra wide angle camera.

The Iphone 11 Pro (14 cm) and the Pro Max (17 cm), meanwhile, has a third rear camera. Its CPU can perform 1 billion operations per second and the phone is 15 percent more energy efficient than the Iphone XS and XS Max. According to Cook, the iPhone 11 Pro is designed for customers who wants the “most sophisticated technology.” Not only did they improve their hardware, but also the software, which allowed them to add a dedicated night mode to improve performance with dark lighting. The function is activated automatically when you are shooting in the dark.

If you want to watch the complete event here it’s!

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