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Landscapes in pencil: take a look at their process

These landscapes reminds us that spring is soon to arrive and at the same time they show us all about their creative process.

Spring is about to arrive and this renovation that it represents in the world of nature is something worth to illustrate. This is why creative inspiration burst in the minds of illustrators that capture different landscapes with diverse techniques and motivations.

Today we’ll show you some landscapes whose central motive is the forest and some elements that characterize this type of ecosystem.

The author of these works is the French illustrator Vivien Bertin that uses only a pencil to portrait trees and luminous landscapes in an environment that invite us to breathe a clean air and with no pollution.

In the next images it’s possible to watch the process of sketching and tracing of the drawings, which results to be very illustrative to learn the creative paths to be followed.

Landscapes in pencil02

Landscapes in pencil04

Landscapes in pencil05

Landscapes in pencil-11


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