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The inner beauty of Nychos’ art

The urban artist Nychos creates big murals of animals and humans split in half that allow you to see their inner anatomy. These works include extremely detailed bone structures and circulatory systems.

Nychos’ art-1


Nychos’ urban art not only is a street intervention. Actually, Nychos stablished in 2005 the “Rabbit Eye Movement” that began as an urban art concept but several years after has evolved into an artistic space located in Vienne.

It serves as fulltime gallery and agency dedicated to display the works of all the “rabbits” (artists involved in the movement). This way, the movement promotes a network of urban artists that allows them to meet in the same platform throughout Europe. Even the affiliates to the movement have the opportunity of commercializing their designs in an online store, generating earnings for the artist.


Nychos’ arts2

Nychos’ art4

Nychos’ art-6

Nychos’ art7

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