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Little typographic experiments made during lunch time

Christoph Grey posted on his Behance account a project named Type Hype. It consists on little experiments made with typography. He makes them when he gets a time off from work to go to lunch or when he can’t sleep or just wants to have fun for a while.

All these experiments were made in a period of three months. They’re handmade typographies, generally on a black background with white traces. The genius thing of this project is how the experiments are presented.

They can be simple typographies made in a couple of seconds, but Christoph Grey adorns them with different elements so they look elegant and visually appealing.

Little typographic-5

He places one of his designs alongside with pens or markers and takes a picture of them that he later posts on Instagram. But all these little pictures are very interesting when are seen all together, because when you see only one of his typographic works, it probably won’t catch you attention.

He has an experiment were he draws a word with a pretty simple typography, but he places around it burned matches. This gives texture and dimension to his work.

Little typographic-1jpg

In his Behance account there also are other types of projects made by him. There are many concepts and designs made for companies such as Peugeot or Volvo. However, the best thing on his portfolio are the typography experiments.

Little typographic_5

Here you have the link to his Behance account where you can see all the experiments, although they ca be a little difficult to find among all the designer’s personal photos.

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