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ArtsCase Talk – Winya Sangsorn


Welcome to the creepy world “Art of Winya”. He is an illustrator and designer from Chiang Mai,Thailand. He left a career in game design to pursue his own creative path.

His interest in the undead comes from his fascination with evil. His art works as a symbolic way for the dead to live, this is what he intends to do.

The hardest thing about his detailed line work is keeping it neat. His drawings combine both thin and thickness within one line. He barely breaths every time he is making a line.

We talked to Winya Sangsorn  and this is what he told us.

Tell us a little bit about your design background.

Winya: I quit from being an art director because I was so bored. I was bored of taking people’s orders. I worked for a huge US based company that opened a branch in Thailand which related to multimedia, printing, website creation, and animation. Back then I kept drawing comics as a hobby. I quit when I was at a top position in the company. I had to provide so-called bad taste for the sake of attracting customers. Most of the other artistic people I knew at the time agreed with me, so I decided to move to a new career. I opened a small restaurant . I did gardening . I have a great life spending time with my kid he’s 3 years-old now. But I never dropped out of what I love doing, which was drawing. I also design and draw for bands and different brands in Thailand, but I’ve just started to be international shop online artist  for 3 years.

photography by Winya
photography by Winya

Talk to us about your artistic work. What inspires you?

Winya Sangsorn: My interest in the undead comes from my fascination with evil. Evil is not the story beyond our life. Evil spirits live around us, but we can’t see them. That’s all. There must be a different layer between us and evil spirits and like humans, animals, objects or trees.

My artworks as a way for the dead to live symbolically this is what I intended to do. In Asia it’s called Yin-Yang. The binary system. Black and white, death and birth. I also symbolically draw from the interpretation of Greek philosophy and reference Gothic style.I do love black and white. It interests me and it’s very simple. I used to work with black and white line work in comics and tattoos in the past.

Art of Winya2

What’s creativity for you?

Winya Sangsorn: I believe everything has its own creator. Most symbolism I use stands for death and birth. There is man created from soil, evil from fire, or emptiness can turn out to be the universe. I also deal with Thai myths and superstitions. But somehow, I just do it for fun like depicting women’s revenge or I draw my beloved toys like vintage motorbikes.

What are the characteristics, attitudes, abilities that have lead you to live doing what you love?

Art of Winya_1

Winya Sangsorn: I don’t have any trouble with designing. I don’t even take an hour for thinking about the idea before I begin. I’m in a happy stage. I don’t do the artwork for anyone else. I just express what I am. I’ve got full-loaded imagination in my head. The only problem I face is I don’t know which picture I’ll take from my head and use.

The hardest thing about my detailed line work is keeping it neat. My drawings combine both thin and thickness within one line. I barely breath every time I make a line.

Apart from developing drawing skills, you have to make your work interesting. Don’t play with major trends. Customers can pick from anyone in this case. You have to make your work in your own way. Be yourself. I started from zero. I even couldn’t make any sales but I never changed my style. I work under my own conditions, and eventually you’ll be noticed one day.

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