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How to Cheat at Learning Chinese thanks to design

Works like this demonstrate that design is not simply about putting four pretty elements out there. Design must communicate, be useful and have a concrete objective: solving a problem. That’s why I felt so proud about this profession when I got to know about this project.


The Chinese alphabet has over 20,000 characters and that’s why it is considered as one of the most difficult languages to learn… Al least until now. Chineasy is a project created by ShaoLan Hsueh and with support from Noma Bar. It aims to help in writing Chinese with a methodology based on illustrations. A mixture of drawings, designs and typographies almost makes it a didactic game.


Keeping in mind the potential of Asian countries anyone will feel like giving this methodology a try. It would surely work out and you can confirm it with your own eyes with these images of the basic set they have displayed in their webpage. Take a look:





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