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ArtsCase Talk – Florent Bodart

He started his career creating T-shirt designs under the name Speakerine. Starting from there he took his time to discover, explore and learn many other skills in the field of graphic design.

Today, he enjoys working on a large pallet of projects, from apparel design, to illustration.

He finds pleasure in the exploration of different tools. His creative process usually includes some time drawing, searching and experimenting in the physical world before switching to the magical numerical world.

We talked to Florent and this is what he told us. 


We would like to know more about you. For example, where are you from? Where do you currently live?

Florent Bodart :  I’m from the east of France, and now I live in the Luberon, a small and beautiful region in the south of France.

Talk to us a little bit about your design background.

Florent : I’m an autodidact, I practice illustration since 10 years now. I began by creating t shirts designs for challenges on line. It’s been gradual and now that’s my only work.

How would you describe your style?

Florent : I would say it’s a mix between paper drawing and Photoshop editing.

Tell us a little bit about your artistic work, what inspires you to create?

Florent Bodart : I’m inspired by music, nature, animals, ancient things.


What or who has been the most important influence in your work as illustrator?

Florent:  Magritte for his surrealist genius.

Which were the biggest obstacles you found in the path to become an artist?

Florent: At the beginning it’s hard to believe in yourself, and mostly because the first months/years are not so lucrative. So you need a lot of self confidence to begin this kind of life (however I’m not sure I’m yet self confident..!)

What abilities or capacities do you think a graphic designer should necessarily develop?

Florent: Self confidence, organization, and on an other side you have to know when it’s the time to make a break from the whirl of internet, social medias, and the pod time consuming world.


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