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ArtsCase Talk – Project M

Emeline is a British Artist and Designer that has been creative from a young age.  She created the brand Project M in 2010. After attending Art School in England, Emeline earned a degree at Fashion College. She then worked in the fashion industry in London as a Technical Designer. Her last job in London was with the creative and fun company Ted Baker.

While working in the fashion business Emeline continued to paint in her spare time. After a few successful shows within her own home she began exhibiting at other venues across London including trendy bars, restaurants and bookshops.

In 2005 she became a full time artist and moved to California. Things seen in daily life inspire her. She either makes stencils by hand or paints in blocks. Her designs start out as paintings or drawings. They are photographed and manipulated on the computer and then developed into print design.

Emeline has been exhibiting for fifteen years in the UK, USA and Canada. She has undertaken a range of commissions for private homes and corporate clients. Her paintings have been published and sold worldwide. You can find her designs licensed on many different products including home wear, tech accessories, fashion and wallpaper.


We had a talk with her about her artistic life, this is what she told us:

How would you define yourself in a few words?

Project M: An artist with a need to create.

When did you decide you wanted to be a designer? Where does this passion come from?

Project M: I have always been creative. From a young age I was always doing art and craft projects. I won my first painting competition when I was seven. My mother is an artist and lives near Charleston Farm House where she is a tour guide. I guess being artistic is in my genes somehow too. My mother’s grandmother was a fashion designer for Peter Robinson (now Top Shop on Oxford Circus) in the 1900’s. And my father’s great grandfather was a sand artist on Eastbourne beach. He would draw intricate buildings like cathedrals and churches in the sand while he sold fruit and other stuff on the promenade.

When I went to art school I was able to try out every avenue of art. I did sculpture, pottery, graphics, life drawing and more. It was fun and I loved doing something creative everyday. Then I had to make a decision what to do as a vocation. My tutors suggested I do a degree in textiles because I loved screen-printing and was good at it. But I couldn’t get my head around creating a print and not making something with it. Plus I had a dream of doing something like my great grandmother. So I went to Fashion College. I graduated and got a job in the fashion industry in London. I actually used to walk past where my great grandmother worked everyday for the first few years I worked in London. It made me feel very proud of her.


My first job in London was as a Pattern Cutter. Then I became a Technical Designer. It was my responsibility to ensure what the designer wanted could actually be made and that it fit well. I also had to make sure what we wanted made in the factories is what we got in the shops. I basically was a creative QC with an eye for detail.  When I worked at Ted Baker, work didn’t feel like work, I had fun. I was always laughing. Enjoying what I did. Got my work done and more. But I still had a need to make my own art. So in my spare time I started painting and exhibiting in my house in South London. Then I started doing art shows all over London. Trendy bars in the East End, a bookshop near Piccadilly Circus, restaurants, lots of places.

In 2005 I got married and moved to California. I was able to paint fulltime. About 5 years ago I ventured into digital art. Something I said I’d never do. This was after I started a commissioned painting in Canada, finished it in California and then shipped it to London, UK. My unpredictable lifestyle and travelling family made it a necessity. I now love using the computer with my art and designs as I can actually get my ideas down much quicker.

Did the change from England to the U.S influenced your art? How?

Project M: I still have the same style. Since living in California I have had more time to work on my art and develop it more. And by going on road trips I have been able to see inspiring things I wouldn’t have seen if I just stayed in London.

Choose three words to define art

Project M:  Fun, creative, life

What English artist or designer do you admire? Why?

Project M: Sara Morris – I love her bold paintings – I love her color combinations and I hope one day I will have a chance to paint large paintings like hers.


What American artist or designer do you admire? Why?

Project M: Jonathan Adler – I love his designs and his brand. He creates things I relate to.


What kind of activities do you like to do to keep your creativity going?

Project M: I’m always on the look out for inspiration. I make lists and lists of lists of ideas all the time. We go on road trips at least once a year. But lots of things inspire me. Things I see around me or sometimes stuff I come across on the Internet. From time to time I look through my old sketchbooks from Art College and find little gems. There are so many things that inspire me. I never run out of ideas or inspiration.


Any advice for new artists or designers that want to be up to the challenge of not working in a company but by themselves?

Project M: Do what you love. Network with likeminded people. It takes time. Don’t give up.

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