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ArtsCase Talk – Robert Farkas

Robert Farkas comes from a creative and talented family, beginning with his grandfather, a famous film director called Tamas Fejer, and his mother, a photographer. Robert was encouraged throughout his childhood to exploit his talent for painting and drawing. After many years as a web designer, then an art director, and lastly an animator, Robert’s talent for both illustrative and motion design led him to his current career as a freelance artist who offers his abundant talents in all these fields.

Tell us a little bit about your design background.


Robert Farkas: I started to draw when I was a child. I come from an artistic family and my Mother thought that I should do something with my drawing skills despite the fact that I never wanted or planned to be an artist. We’ve had a lot of fights about this, and after all I decided to be a webdesigner, and a few years later I learned animation in a small animation studio. Everyday work in broadcast industry is very hard, and I felt pretty burned out. In my free time I decided to make illustrations, to express myself and use my creative energy in another field. One of my colleague showed me his watercolor work, and I immediately felt in love with that technique. I started to use this style, and people loved it. I quit from my workplace and now I just work as a freelancer.

A few years ago when I turned 30, I decided to get my degree in digital design, just for fun. I learned a lot from my classmates, and I’ve got a few friends from there.


Talk to us about your art work, what inspires you to create?


Robert Farkas:  I can’t really say much about my illustrations, they all were once pictures in my mind. Sometimes when I do something ordinary like taking a bath or doing the dishes, my brain starts to imagine pictures and some of them are so good that I draw them. I think my best illustrations came from my deepest unconscious mind.


What is your biggest accomplishment related to art?

Robert Farkas: I always try to expand my borders. In the last year I’ve done a successful crowdfunding campaign for my own children book called “Clever Fox’s Tales: About the universe”. When I was looking for a publisher, I couldn’t find a single man who was interested in it. They said: “that it’s not a book, and nobody will buy it”. I printed this story in 500 pieces, and just the University of Southampton ordered 100 pieces from it. That’s really something!


If your art had a Soundtrack, what would it be?

It’s a bit sour, but somehow this music makes me happy just like my illustrations do:)
Panama: Always


What projects are you currently working on?

Robert Farkas: In this year I would like to finish my book (it’s a trilogy) and after that I would like to make a Virtual Reality teaching program for schools. In my opinion the VR should be used for teaching the new generation.

If you were not in the world of art, what would you be doing?

Robert Farkas: I don’t know. My grand-grand mother was a sculptor. My grandfather was a movie director. His brother was a famous painter in Spain and he invented the fluorescent ink. My mother is a photographer, and she’s also an author of a book about Hungarian embroidery.  When I was 7 years old I designed cars. Now I design t-shirts. I always wanted to do something like this. Something that has connection with design and art.

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