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6 new apps for photo editing you shouldn’t ignore this 2016

Smartphone’s cameras have considerably improve in the last couple of years. This has given us the opportunity to take incredibly beautiful pictures without knowing too much of photography. If we run these images through a photo enhance app, the result can be simply spectacular for sharing in social networks.

The six apps we show you here have to do with this; get the best out coming result from any of those pictures you already took and want to enhance with a filter or any other tool to turn it into a small work of art.



It is the most surprising app that has appeared in the last couple of months. This has to do with its algorithm capable of “seeing” the picture and applying the perfect artistic filters to transform it into a complete visual spectacle.

Soon this app will have the option to be applied to videos. You can download it for iOS and Android.

Polaroid Swing


This app is the result of the joint work between Polaroid and Twitter. It takes a series of 60 pictures in one second and merges them to create a “moving photo”.

This effect is similar to Instagram’s Boomerang or Apple’s Live Photos, but the transition between the different photograms is smoother than in those other apps. It is free and available for iOS and “soon” for Android too.

Microsoft Pix


Pix uses AI to enhance pictures taken with a Smartphone. When a picture is taken Pix captures 10 photograms and evaluates each of them. It analyzes the definition and exposure to present three images it considers to be the best.

The app is capable of reducing image noise, illuminate faces, embellish skin and adjust color and hue. It is available only for iOS.

Kodak Moments


While most platforms that share pictures are filled with millions of photos, this app allows you focus in only a few images that capture something special, that could be called “Kodak moment”.

An app created to focus in your favorite pictures instead of uploading a dozen of selfies every five minutes. Available for free for iOS and Android.

DJI+ Discover


Photographs taken from drones constitute a growing field of photography, so it is logic that DJI, a manufacturer of this kind of devices, has launched a social network for photographers, companies and clients that have as central axis these gadgets.

The app is free for Android and iOS. It includes distinguish photos, special places to fly your drone and geolocated captures. It even has a forum.

Foodie – Delicious Camera


Foodie is an app for your camera to take the best photos of food and dishes. Created in Japan, this app is available for free for iOS and Android. It includes 24 filters for different types of specific food, like sushi, steak and pie.

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