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Apple posts new wallpapers made with iMac and iPad to celebrate the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year officially begins on January 28 and it would be the year of the rooster.

Giving its the imminent arrival, Apple has created a section in his web targeted to Asian countries. There, they have posted a series of exclusive wallpapers that follow the traditional style of Nianhua created by five young Chinese artists using an iMac or an iPad.

Apple has shared the name of each of these artists, along with a description of the image and specifying the devices or apps that were used. Although the wallpapers are targeted to oriental countries, if you like their style you can freely download them. These are the five illustrations and their authors:


Lucky Rooster   


This illustration made by Victo Ngai portraits the Chinese belief that says that if you’re happy, good luck will follow you. In making this work of art, she used the Procreate program, an Apple Pencil, an iPad Pro and a MacBook Pro. The finished illustration presents a stylized rooster singing and dancing surrounded by children while welcoming the new year.

Joyful Reunions


Eszter Chen’s design represents a contemporary Chinese New Year Eve dinner. She used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, an iMac and a MacBook Pro to create fun characters with childlike style. It is a colorful and playful work that depicts the wish of every family to be united and happy.

Rich Harvest


Zhou Fan got inspiration from early memories: lanterns, firecrackers and festivities. He first did the drawings by hand and later he multiplied and overlapped them using Adobe Photoshop and a MacBook. The final work presents a surreal image of abundant blessings.

Peaceful Home.


Ye Hongxing based this design on a traditional Nianhua she saw in her childhood. Her work combines conventional motives with modern objects. She used Adobe Photoshop, a MacBook Pro, and hand work in a canvas.

Fortune Flows

Fortune Flows

Jiang Shan offers us a reconstruction of meaning in new year fish images. He first made some drafts in a MacBook Pro the he went to work directly on paper and finally he enhanced and colored his illustration with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

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