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10 ideas for DIY Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming and is a day as good as any other to show appreciation to our love ones. Today we want to share with you some ideas to offer a little detail to that special someone. Sometimes is more valuable a present made with your own hands instead of just spending a lot of money.

Take a look to these nice ideas for this Valentine’s Day:


1-. A card to hand over your heart

DIY Valentine’s Gifts

2.- “I dig you” funny gift

DIY Valentine’s Gifts

3-. Conversation Stones. You can use them in your Valentine’s Day dinner!

DIY Valentine’s Gifts1

4-. Succulent Planters. A way to show how your love will grow each day

DIY Valentine’s Gifts2

5 -. Glitter Rocks. A cute an easy to make paperweight

DIY Valentine’s Gifts3

6 -. Pull-Out Photo Album. A different way to display your couple’s pictures

DIY Valentine’s Gifts5

7-. A canvas bag with a heart. To take that love everywhere with you.

DIY Valentine’s Gifts6

8-. Crayon Hearts. An adorable gift for the little ones.

DIY Valentine’s Gifts8

9-. Heart Serpentine. A simple yet nice way to decorate for Valentine’s dinner

DIY Valentine’s Gifts9

10-. Heart Thumbprint Platter. A beautiful present to make with the whole family.

DIY Valentine’s Gifts10

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