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The beautiful and retro publicity signs of Daft Punk

Daft Punk have always known how to play with mystery to catch the attention of their faithful fans for many years. Staying behind their helmets, they have known how to guard their public image to look like complete strangers if we ever bump into them in the subway. It’s something many famous people will pay a lot of money for.


Not only have they shielded behind their helmets and their great electronic music, but also have a special touch in the more creative side of the visual creation. They have took part on the graphic design of their disks and the publicity ads that fill their official website. These advertisement signs are a perfect look back to the last 40 years of advertisement and they’re simple magnificent.

Through originality they have found their way. Their music has a signature and states that Daft Punk have been capable of bringing back the scent of the best funky in their amazing songs.
While bringing the past to the present dressed up in the best way possible, they also use their webpage to give a name to that retro iconology of past decades. So if you want to take a look to publicity of the last 40 years, you just have to go to their webpage.


From there, you’ll find black and white ads with crafty drawings, there are others with an 80’s esthetics of bikinis and pools, and even others with neon colors that highlight some iconic elements of those decades, like skateboards.
A great place for designers and artists where Daft Punks demonstrates once again that besides creating fascinating music, they know how to get surrounded by art in all its facets.

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