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Football team t-shirts inspired in social media apps

These t-shirt designs are just the same as those that professional football teams use in their matches. But these sport shirts are inspired in the most popular social media apps available in the AppStore.


They copied the distinctive colors of each social network and put the logo on the shirt as if it was the team’s coat of arms. Some of the shirts don’t look so bad, others make the colors of some of the apps look better in a uniform.


The Graphic Untd blog started to wonder what would happen if the apps installed in our cellphones belonged to a football league. Football has invaded social networks, how it would be the other way around?


As a result they selected the most popular apps of the AppStore to design a uniform based on the representative colors of each app. There are 11 t-shit designs in total. They not only designed the shirt but also the short, the socks and even the shoes so all matched to the color of the uniform.


Some shirts are too simple, I would dare to say that they don’t even have a true design. The only took the color of the app and applied it to the uniform. For example, for the Vine app they put the logo on the shirt and that was it. Other uniforms are more elaborated, like the one of Snapchat that even has texture.








The apps selected for these football t-shirts are:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Waze
  • Vine
  • Shazam
  • Spotify
  • YouTube

Our favorite shirts are the ones of Snapchat, Shazam and Twitter. The ones that we would buy but never wear because of the colors are those of Instagram and WhatsApp.

Which ones were your favorites? Here you have the webpage where we found these interesting and fun football t-shirts inspired on apps.


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