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InkTober, a challenge just for illustrators

If you are one of those numerous illustrators that usually have procrastination as a personal assistant, you need to participate in this month challenge: InkTober, a good exercise to stop putting off your assignments and try to improve yourself as an illustrator more and more each day.


The InkTober challenge is an initiative with the primary objective of fighting against the typical procrastination among creative minds. It was created by the illustrator Jake Parker in 2009 as a personal challenge to improve his abilities in the illustration field and to develop good drawing habits. It consisted on drawing and publishing every day of October an ink illustration with the hashtag #inktober. This creative exercise was so successful in social media that it got viral and became everybody’s challenge.


Since a few years October has become the month of illustration for many artists around the world that take on this challenge of hundreds of illustrations that flood social media. There’s an option for those illustrators that don’t know what to draw and to make more interesting the 31 days of this month. You may have a word assigned to you in order to help you trigger the theme of that day’s drawing.


We are just in the middle of the month so you still have time to join the challenge. If you want to, the rules are simple:

  • Do an ink illustration (you can first draw it with pencil)
  • Upload it to internet
  • Include the #inktober and #inktober2016 hashtags
  • Do this every day

Arm yourself with ink and a pencil, toil and don’t ever stop drawing. It is the only way of saying goodbye to procrastination.

About Jake Parker

Jake Parker is an illustrator established in Utah that combines his freelance commissions with online classes of illustration and making videos to show how he draws. The last 15 years he has worked in different kinds of projects, from animated films to comics and book illustrations. He has worked with brands such as Sky Studios, Google, Marvel, Disney Animation, Warner Brothers Animation, Psyop, Hubris Studios, Nexus Productions and Nick Magazine.












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