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Google hired 19 illustrators to create 500 stickers

Google hired 19 illustrators from all over the world to create stickers for the new Allo app. The result of this joint job was: 500 stickers. These little illustrations depict all kinds of situations and express emotions such as happiness, sadness, sarcasm, joy, funny situations, etc.


Some stickers have little animations and other are fixed. The 19 illustrators have such a different styles that there are no similar stickers. Some have a lot of colors, others look like pencil sketch; there are cats, there are dogs. They’re so many that surely all the app users will find at least one they like.


Allo is an instant messaging app launched by Google. You can talk with the contacts you have in the app, create private or public groups, send files, voice notes and obviously stickers, which are our main interest today.


All this work of 19 illustrators and their 500 stickers was divided into 24 images sets.

Among the artists that work together in this project we have: Jean-Michel Tixier, Ding Ding and Jean Jullien. You may not know the illustrator just by their name but you will probably recognize their work from the illustrations.


If you want to see these 500 stickers in action just download the app. Or you can look for the portfolios of the 19 illustrators, as we did here in ArtsCase to later publish an article of each of these famous artists.

500 stickers for Allo app

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