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Apple teaches us to personalize our “memories” in the photo app of iPhone 7

In 2016 with the actualization of the “Photos” app, iOS 10 launched a function called “Memories”, a space where photographs and videos of our favorite events get together with music, transitions or related content.

The functioning of this feature is simple, you just need to enter the “Photo” app of the iPhone.

We’re talking about this feature today because Apple has just launched two short videos in their official YouTube channel, where they explain to iPhone 7 users how to personalize their “memories” and how they can share them through their phones.

In the first clip they show us which elements we can use to personalize our “memories”, choosing from hundreds of text fonts and pre-selected music, all from this one app.

Finally, in the second video we see the steps we must follow to share our favorite “memories” movies with our friends, family or all our Facebook contacts, straight from the Photos app. If you still don’t know this predetermined feature of iOS 10, we invite you to take a look and experiment creating original movies with help from your own pictures and videos.

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