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Kirby Jenner or simply the God of Photoshop

Photoshop is a program that has allowed us to do any kind of antics that now we call photomanipulation. There are artists that have great ability to mix different people resulting on a very funny one that makes us laugh any time we see them.

Kirby Jenner, or the so called God of Photoshop, would probably cause you a huge laughing fit. His photomanipulation is simply sublime. He gets to be perfectly integrated in photographic scenes as he had always been there beside those haute couture models or those passersby.

Jenner looks for smacking moments to deliver completely ridiculous scenes, including some elements that offer a different story from the one of the main photograph. Here’s where his magic lies, because he knows how to place himself among all those characters and at the same time play with new elements. This way, he creates the craziest compositions that you’ll ever seen.

Jenner makes an open critique to that world where image is everything and shallowness owns those moments with so much shine but so little essence. Jenner, with his undisturbed moustache, reinvents the pictures with his special way of understanding the poses and accomplishes to make us forget about the coldness of some looks.

In this world where everything seems to be perfect, Kirby Jenner transforms himself into a strawberry next to those top models o becomes part of a group photo where it’s difficult to say who’s real and who’s not.

A Photoshop artist that you can check out through his Instagram page, where he follows only one person but thousands follow him. Any day is the perfect moment to start laughing for a while with Kirby’s funny photomanipulated witticisms.


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