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Presenting our news cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Due to high demand of mails and messages in social media, asking compatibility with new devices, we’re pleased to present you the new cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in our line of models of cases.

Samsung gets all the attention of the consumers, especially with the Galaxy Note 8, this device have charmed to the fanatics. This equipment have a great screen AMOLED, one of the best cameras of the market and a design bezel-less, without a doubt Note 8 will conquer the market.

If you’re fan and you still have the device, we offer to you our designers phone cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Don’t worry! Our cases are not as expensive as the same device. You could buy for you and gift for special someone another case.

If you have bought our ArtsCase you could verify that we’re one of the brand with major quality that you will be able to find. You could see some reviews of our clients here.

cases Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Cases Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Our cases for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus and the new cases for Galaxy Note 8 are impact resistant, with our series Tough you could rely on its shock absorption, dual layer of hard rubber case and TPU. It is bumper scratchproof, qualities necessaries to protect your Galaxy Note 8, also we offer you a protection with an extremely slim silhouette.

We have thousands of designs created for our Artists Community, to protect your device with an art that reflects your style. Also, our cases fits perfectly to our lines of Galaxy design without obstruct your buttons and ports.

Also, our ArtsCase has an advantage against the other brands, most of the printed cases turn yellow soon after purchased, ArtsCase uses cutting edge technology to offer a perfect impression even after years of use.

Principal characteristics:

  • Made with a printing of high quality
  • Designed in an ergonomic way.
  • Does not obstruct earphones, Buttons or loaders.
  • Add double Protection to the device.
  • Is easy to install and uninstall.
  • Made 100 % with Premium materials.



If you have any issue and you need return your case, we offer our Lifetime Warranty.

You will can enjoy of your favorite arts for a new device.

If you’re an artist of our community and already you are selling iPhone and Samsung Cases in

ArtsCase, our cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, they have been activated automatically in your shop.

We recommend to you to take a moment to check how your arts appear in the new cases for the Note 8. If you need to edit the arts. Please, remember that the art must adapt to the device, in order to fit correctly.

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We hope hear from you very soon.

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