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Some Samsung Galaxy S8 could be different among them

Buying a Samsung Galaxy S8 can be like playing the lottery and it’s possible this company has “pulled off a Huawei”. Recently, we got to know about the fact there were different models of internal memory and RAM for the Huawei P10, something that caused a big reaction.

Samsung seems to have undertaken a similar strategy, but to a much lesser extent than Huawei. Today we’ll tell you about the differences in hardware that might be between one S8 model and another so you can make your own conclusions.

You surely know the XDA Developers team, one of the biggest and best technology portal that exist today. They have researched thoroughly and found that there are some Samsung Galaxy S8 models that have UFS 2.0 memories while others have UFS 2.1 memories.

This case is not as extreme as the one of Huawei that varied from eMMC memories to UFS memories. The difference of transference between the UFS 2.0 and the 2.1 is about 100/200 MBps, something absolutely none of the users will note in everyday use. However, here we are again paying the same amount of money for a device of a lesser quality than someone else’s.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a very common practice among manufacturers and no one is free of sin. Either way, you shouldn’t worry as this is pretty much irrelevant issue, as you wouldn’t notice anything when you’re using your S8 in comparison to another.

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