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How to Take care of your smartphone and extend it’s lifetime

Smartphones has become a very valuable item in our life. Whether you spend a good amount of money for the latest iPhone or just recently bought an entry level smartphone, it’s important to take care of it in order to extend the lifetime.

Having a smartphone in mint condition not only will extend it’s lifetime but also will help you to sell it at good price when you decide to swap it for a new model.

1. Taking Care of the Battery


One of the crucial aspects of taking care of your smartphone is the taking care of your Battery, this is a vital point because with a defective battery, the phone is of no use. Even tough you have the option of get a new battery – which is cheaper than say replace the screen – at the end of the day we don’t want to spend additional money on replacing parts, specially when we can use some tips to extend the battery life.

To extend your battery life a helpful tip is to deactivate wireless networks when you’re not using them, such as, WIFI, and Bluetooth. The same tip can be used for Cellular Networks, for example, you consume more battery when using 4G on your Phone compare to using 3G, so to deactivate this features when not in use will save you some bars. Another thing that consume your battery is the memory or CPU on your phone.

When your phone is “thinking” it spend more energy, even when you’re not looking or using the apps, they’re still running and draining your battery. so close your apps when you’re not using them, this will increase dramatically the performance of your battery.

2. Do not expose the Battery to Extreme Temperatures


Another very important thing is to avoid exposing your smartphone to extreme temperatures, by exposing your phone to high temperatures you’re risking your battery, as a result the battery could lose up to 80% of its capacity, same thing with low temperatures, this could potentially damage the cells of your battery affecting the time the battery can keep its charge.

If you’re in a low temperature place try not to expose your phone to the cold environment, instead keep it close to your body so it can benefit from the corporal temperature. Avoid leave it on the outside for obvious reasons, other parts and components could suffer damage.

The same tip apply to hot weather, do not store your phone in a hot place for long time, avoid direct exposure to the sunlight for long periods of time. High temperatures not only would damage the battery but also the LCD and internal circuits. The ideal temperature for your phone is 77, with this temperature your battery would only lost about 20% of its power each year.

3. Use an ArtsCase


The protective cases by ArtsCase not only protect your phone from bumps and drops but also will protect it showcasing a design that match your style.

This Designers phone cases are a worthy investment, giving you the freedom to use your phone in all kind of situations and protecting your investment

Using an ArtsCase goes beyond aesthetics, you are protecting your phone from dust, drops, shocks and bumps and protecting the internal components of your phone.

Everyone not using an ArtsCase will unequivocally end up with a scratched phone. At the end your phone will suffer scratches and bumps, lowering the resale value.

There is enough reasons to protect your phone with ArtsCase, go find one that matches you HERE

You will enjoy your phone and protect it with a design created for an Independent Artist. The ArtsCase printed cases protect your phone for the eventual drop.

To protect even more your investment you can buy a Lifetime Warranty Glass Protector HERE

Bottom line, following this recommendations you’ll extend the life cycle of your phone and keep the resale value high.



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