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WeTransfer has decided to redesign its image

WeTransfer, the service of exchange and storage of documents, has decided to redesign its image. The company haven’t made such a radical change since its launch in 2009.

WeTransfer is a service that allows its users to share heavy files without having to create an account. It’s free is the files you send are smaller than 2GB. This is a great advantage for professional designers. As creatives, we can professionally use this service with agencies and printing houses.


The company was founded by a team based both in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. Its creators belong to the fields of design, marketing and communication media. As its founders are creatives, the company has a great advantage; they already know the needs of the field so their service is one of the most used by creatives.

In the redesigning, they have leaned towards a more minimalist change, varying the color palette, the typography and the interface. The logo was conjunctly created by the creative director or WeTransfer Laszlito Kovacs and the typographer Paul van der Lann. They took their inspiration from the first symbol back in 2009.

In their new version, the two main letters of the redesign are in grayscale and have smoother edges. This probably is an attempt to resemble the illustrations sent by the artists. Among other adjustments we have the opening of letter E and the new curve in the upper side of letter W. The word “Transfer” of the old logo, has been suppressed.

Their old logo:


Their new logo:


With this shade of colors, they have found a more neutral image. As they say in the Company “when your logo is only two letters, what is good is no good enough. It is necessary to be perfect, down to the smallest detail. A black and white version must look equilibrated in any size and always displaying its unique appearance”.

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