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This could be one of the big novelties of the future Samsung Galaxy S9

Although it is a huge device, Samsung Galaxy S8 has been for some people a little disappointment. It’s true that this terminal offers an outstanding result in every aspect but we also expected a bigger difference between the previous generation and the new one. Feelings aside, the work for this year is already done and […]

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Samsung’s Note 7 exploding battery ‘fix’ is a 60 percent limit

Samsung has a “quick fix” in the works for stubborn Galaxy Note 7 owners who don’t want to return their devices, despite the global recall over batteries that might potentially explode. The company will roll out a software update on September 20th in South Korea that will limit the Note 7’s battery to a 60 […]

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Useful gestures for your Android and iPhone devices

Android is the operating systems that allows its users the highest number of customization options. However, several of Android gestures are somewhat difficult to discover and they do not come with a guide to teach how to use them. So, here we display some of Android’s most useful shortcuts: Two-finger swipe down You can access […]

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