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5 Cool Facts About Pumpkins on Halloween!

In ArtsCase We know that when it comes of pumpkins there is a long list of activities that you can do during Halloween season, but, What facts do you know about pumpkins? Here We made a list of the Coolest Facts about this fruit! Yeah, It is a Fruit! 5 Cool Facts About Pumpkins on […]

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Horror Movie Plot Generator

John Atkinson is an artist and cartoonist from Ottawa, Ontario. His works comment on almost any topic, from history and mathematics to social media and popular culture. Atkinson’s humor can be easily understood by people from different cultures and ages. You can take a look at many of his brilliant works in his blog Wrong […]

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Facebook launches Halloween reaction emoji

  Yesterday Facebook released its latest seasonal experiment: a Halloween-themed reaction emojis. Now the “angry” reaction is represented by a pumpkin, there is a Frankenstein instead of “sad,” a witch for “haha,” a ghost instead of “wow,” a candy heart for “love” and a skeletal thumbs up for “like.” These new reactions appear on all […]

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