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6 new apps for photo editing you shouldn’t ignore this 2016

Smartphone’s cameras have considerably improve in the last couple of years. This has given us the opportunity to take incredibly beautiful pictures without knowing too much of photography. If we run these images through a photo enhance app, the result can be simply spectacular for sharing in social networks. The six apps we show you […]

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Making you phone and computer merge in one

Haven’t you felt that discomfort of being sitting in front of your computer and having to check your phone every time you get a notification? Now we have the perfect solution for that. You can turn your computer into a makeshift smartphone. This is ideal for all of you that get to sit in front […]

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Useful gestures for your Android and iPhone devices

Android is the operating systems that allows its users the highest number of customization options. However, several of Android gestures are somewhat difficult to discover and they do not come with a guide to teach how to use them. So, here we display some of Android’s most useful shortcuts: Two-finger swipe down You can access […]

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