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5 ways to prevent creative frustration

Avoid frustration in your work and creative paralysis with these five simple but concise recommendations

Frustration is something every visual professional has to deal with sometime and must learn to tolerate it. Here we present you some recommendations to bear difficulties and even prevent them to take place in the future.

  1. Passion is not enough, you need talent and a lot of work to become an expert in any branch of visual creativity. You’ll also need honesty to recognize when you’re apt or not for some things.
  2. Learn to listen critiques be them positive or not, discover the impact your work has on others and get experience out of it.
  3. Also learn to criticize yourself, accept your deficiencies and also be fair about the opinion you have of yourself.
  4. Don’t work thinking on getting recognition, fame or fortune. Focus on improving your work and potentiate your creative reach. The rest will come as a consequence of your good work.
  5. Diversify your creative labor, find other specialties and offer your clients more options than they expected.

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