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A special app for the little ones start drawing

Artie’s Magic Pencil is a new app that will help children to start drawing in a tablet.

Although it has already been available for iOS, now this app is redirecting itself to the growing market of Android’s apps and videogames to offer a much easier and ingenious way to illustrate.

It has been in the Play Store for some weeks now. The great advantage for Android users is that Artie’s Magic Pencil give us the opportunity to test it for free for a little time, before buying it for $2.99.


Minilab Studios launched this app that combines the digital content children consume more and more each time with the experience of learning drawing techniques. Artie’s Magic Pencil focuses on drawing basic fundaments for children and provides a relaxing space where all potential of those future illustrators and artists can emerge thanks to these types of tools.

Children keep track of Artie’s story in his fight against a little monster that launched an attack and caused big destruction. If you help Artie to rebuild his world with the magic pencil, then you will be called a hero.


Artie’s Magic Pencil is a game based on those basic shapes that portraits our world composed by simple geometric figures such as triangles, circles and squares. Children may draw these shapes with their fingers to make them come to life.

They can redraw all they learned and have the option to illustrate up to 15 different objects and even have extra contents to download, print and use in their houses.

You can download the app here:   Artie’s Magic Pencil

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