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5 apps that will make students’ lives easier

It is good to take advantage of apps to improve your learning process, so you shouldn’t miss this list of five apps with their description so you can determine if they interest you or not.



This app will help you to study more productively as it allows you to see and share slideshows, mind maps, class notes and tests with your classmates. It is a good way to keep oneself updated with materials and share resources with others.

My Study Life


It is one of the apps with more functions. It allows you to organize your school hours, book your exams and set reminders to know when to start studying, as well to keep a year to year chronogram of your university life in an organized and detailed way.



This app is ideal for those people that are tired of carrying hundreds of papers, books and note books each time they go to a class. With this app you can scan all documents and useful materials to have them digitalized and organized for a later consult.



It is the best mental gymnasium that any student can visit. This app contains more than 25 combined games to daily train your brain and be better prepared to face classes, digest ideas and concepts that many times can seem complex and difficult to learn.



This app allows you to record classes and capture everything the teacher says, while you take note to clarify different ideas of the theme. This recorder has a very high sound quality and has the advantage that, once saved, the file can be sent by email.

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