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Tools to start designing

Surely sometime you have been in trouble when attempting to design something. At the beginning it seems easy but once you’ve started and the inspiration doesn’t come, problems start. But don’t give up. I bring you some tools to start up that will benefit both your work and inspiration.


Dafont and Flaticon


Let´s go baby steps. Any time you’re about to design you must have two basic things: icons and typographies. The more the better, so you don’t have any difficulties during your creation process.

You can have Dafont for all your typographies. These can be download for free but they have copyright. You can make a little donation if you want. Not all are available for free but you can find more information below the Download button.

For your icons you can use Flaticon.


Let’s talk about Behance


Many of you may know the favorite platform of many designers: Behance. But if you want to find something specific it’s quite complicated. However, it can provide you with inspiration to create your own content.



I never work without Designer. This webpage has a large quantity of resources like icons, floral patterns, cars, etc. You can work with any format like Vector (illustrator), PSD (Photoshop) and others.

This little world is very complex and full or variety. Some people lean towards illustrations and others to printing. Something more tangible and or course, easier to get closer to a real profit. For these type of work this is a very interesting page: DownGraf. It includes resources of every kind and many of them for free.




This is a very good webpage if you need ideas. Here you’ll find sample images in JPG/PNG format. At first it doesn’t seem to be so useful but if you take a closer look you can find many ideas for your designs.

Most of these tools are focused on webpages. As a designer they might commission you to create a webpage with an exclusive, original, intuitive and useful design. All those little details like the logging in of a session can make the difference.


Finish your work with style

To conclude your work you’ll have to make a final detail and “mockups” are perfect for this. If you wish to present your project to a webpage, this will give it a more professional image. You can see here a post with many examples: Pixellegancy


Take advantage of your time, sell ideas

Last but not least, once you have finished your work and have a great design, you may ask: is there a webpage to earn money? This is a very common question and the answer is: Yes. There are many pages in many languages. As I said before, Behance may be helpful you to promote your work but not so much for selling. You can also create your own blog and upload your products but surely will need time to make it profitable. I recommend you GraphicLemonade.

This webpage allows you to sell your products online. It offers you technical service to solve problems and the earnings are good. You get up to a 70% of the prize of your product. Most webpages only offer you a 30 o 50% of it.


Hope this little tools can help you starting up!

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