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An accessory to carry pens and pencils with a notebook

FlipClip is the name of this accessory that adheres itself to the front cover of any book or notebook. It allows you to carry up to three different pens or pencils together with your notebook. This way you will have quick access to a pen whenever you need to write something down or make a drawing. This accessory doesn’t take much space and has a very interesting design in different colors.

The reporter Roberto Ortiz tells us: “When I saw the FlipClip for the first time it didn’t seem interesting to me. It didn’t caught my attention and I didn’t think of spending money in something that only holds pencils or pens to a notebook. But I changed my mind when I saw the video that explains how it works. It has a very simple design but at the same time is very original. It also can be a very useful accessory to many people.”


The objective of the FlipClip is very simple; to keep organized and accessible pencils and pens of any size or thickness. The compartments adapt to the diameter of pens.

The FlipClip gets fixed to one of the covers of the notebook. When you open it you can display the FlipClip so the pens get in one side and don’t modify the level of the sheets while you write or draw.

I found this accessory in a Kickstarter campaign. Its designers were looking for 6,000 pounds to start producing them in series. In a couple of days they got over 15,000 pounds.

You can get a FlipClip for 7 pounds or 8 dollars in five different colors: red, gray, yellow, black and white. Here is the site of the project so you can take a look to the product data if you’re interested in acquire it FlipClip ]

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