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Fashion with a touch of Summer

The sun, the heat everything around is shiny and warm, so take off your coat and shake out your closet because summer is finally here! That means new wardrobe style and obviously showing off some skin. Thinking of that we decided to give you a little help at the moment of choosing your style for this summer.

Now starting up with the ladies, this season you should try The Shoulder Cold Trend because it is glamorous and chic, the cut around the shoulders allow you to show them but keeping the glam of the garment at the same time. Another extra bonus of this trend is that you can easily wear it with high waist pants, casual shoes and you’re ready to go! However, a girl’s outfit is never complete without accessories, for this summer we recommend Round Mirrored Sunnies, the perfect pair of glasses that will make you be the spotlight wherever you are thanks to their cool classic design, and even celebrities prefer round sunglasses nowadays. But remember to buy yours with UV protection.

Do not forget to finish your summer without changing your hair look, if you are a daring girl follow your favorite celebs style and get a Platinum Blonde, it will give you a fresh edgy touch, no matter if your hair is curly or straight The Platinum Blonde will be your best accessory for summer definitely. But don’t worry if you want to keep it classic; you can  go forward and try The Nude Hair Trend, the coolest thing about this style is that it suits perfectly with all skin tones, which means that now you can stop choosing a warmer or cooler hair tone because the ‘Nude’ look goes in-between,

But fashion is not just a girl’s thing, men also can take a chance on summer style, so guys pay attention to this:

This summer The Statement Jackets are all over the place and they must be also in your closet. These jackets with vivid colors adorned with statements take the streets to offer a classic and casual look adding a touch of texture. For a complete great outfit opt for Distressed Denim Jeans, choosing the right pair of jeans you will look anything but sloppy. Distressed Jeans will always be a synonymous of versatility; you can easily wear them with a casual t-shirt or with a nice classic jacket.

Complete your summer outfit with a trend haircut, we recommend The Buzzed Skin Fade because is really easy to maintain and it is special for those who worry about the scorching hot. But if you want to keep your hair longer get a Low Fade + Volume Top cut, it is an amazing style, a low fade on the sides and all of the volume on the top which will give you a fabulous voluminous haircut.

Summer won’t last forever! So basically what you should do is to get your new outfit and stand out from the crowd with your trendy season style.

Summer loves fashion!

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