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This Pokemon Go accessory will take your Pokemon game to a new level

Is there anything that can improve your Pokémon Go experience now that you have Pokémon Go installed on you mobile device? Of course! There are ways of winning every gym battle regardless of your Pokémon’s experience and there are ways to play the games without the killing the battery of your iPhone or Android device, or using up all your cellular data. There’s even an app that can help you find Pokémon characters faster than ever.

If all those tricks fail to satisfy your Pokémon Go hunger, then you can just throw money at Niantic and Nintendo for a better experience. But rather than in-app purchases, you could consider getting a special accessory made by Nintendo for the game, which will soon be available for sale.

Called Pokémon Go Plus, the device is a wearable accessory that you can put in your pocket or on your wrist. It’s the shape of a Google Maps pin, but it has a Poke Ball on top. The device lets you play the game without having to use your phone the whole time.

Whenever there’s a PokeStop nearby, the Pokémon Go Plus will notify you with LED flashes and vibration alerts. At that point, you’ll be able to pull out your phone, but you might not even need to.

When it comes to catching Pokémon, the device works by itself as long as it’s still connected via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android handest. Once it blinks, that means a new Pokémon is nearby, and you can throw a ball to catch it by pressing the button on the Pokémon Go Plus, so no need to use your phone.

Unfortunately, the Pokémon Go Plus accessory, which will probably be compatible with most iPhone and Android devices, isn’t available for purchase just yet. It’s listed on Amazon as “ currently not available” right now, but hit this link and sing up for email alerts to be able to preorder or buy one as soon as it becomes available.

Nintendo UK has announced that the Pokémon Go Plus accessory won’t be arriving until September. The company confirmed the delay in a Twitter response, thanking trainers for their patience. The small device can be deployed by players for $34.99 to help them detect and catch Pokémon.

The accessory aids players in slinging Pokéballs at virtual Pokémon as they head out the front door and explore their surroundings.

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