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Pokémon Live Action Movie is coming soon!

The major success of Pokémon Go has built the foundations for the upcoming production of its own live action movie. The Pokémon franchise wants to keep Pikachu and pals close. Legendary Entertainment is negotiating with two noticed writers who could contribute to create a worthy Pokémon movie for its faithful fans. The movie will be based on Japanese videogame The Great Detective Pikachu.

Legendary obtained the rights of the film weeks after Pokémon Go release, and right now it has begun to negotiate with recognized writers in the filmmaking business. Two candidates are at the spotlight of Pokemon’s live action movie: the first one is the talented Nicole Perlman best known for her impeccable job in Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor for Marvel. The second candidate is Alex Hirsch, young animator, storyboard artist, voice actor, and television producer famous for creating Disney’s successful animated series Gravity Falls, also he is recognized for working with Cartoon Network as storyboard artist. We think these two brilliant minds could be a perfect match to maintain the commercial and critical success of the Pokémon Brand, however what will keep us interested is how Perlman and Hirsh could create a captivating story able to satisfy the demanding audience in the entire world. It is already known that the movie will be distributed by Universal worldwide, but Japan where the distribution will be managed by Toho and The Pokémon Company, and the production of this live action movie could begin next year.

Fans around the world have big hopes in the talent and ingenuity of these two writers, because they are the right ones to mesmerize the world with a fantastic Pokémon story, it will be a perfect sequence of the game. But the big question is: Will this movie be another success for the Pokemon Brand?

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