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Top 6 best iPhone apps

Nowadays millions of apps overload the internet, offering enormous quantity of benefits. Aren’t you tired of fake promises?

If you analyze carefully the apps you have downloaded to your iPhone or iPad probably you will find out that not all of them are not as useful as you thought. Thinking of that we have made our own research to bring you our top 6 with best iPhone apps of 2016.

  • Retrica camera: this photo editor app is one of its kind, it offers more than 100 filters, create collages, videos and gifs, also you can decor your selfies, and with Retrica camera you can get unique shooting modes. But talking about simplicity Retrica is easy to use, with a basic viewfinder. Another fantastic characteristic is that you can get a live preview of what your picture will look like. Something you should keep in mind is the fact this app could not be not the best option for serious photographers but it is pretty ideal for those who love getting nice and beautiful photos, videos and selfies.



  • Itunes movie trailers: For movie fans this app is a dream come true, stay tuned with upcoming movies HD trailers directly in your iPad or iPhone. Plan your movie nights thanks to year-long release calendar. Also you can get info about tickets and showtimes near you. The great thing about this app is the fact of having access of movie trailers even from independent movies, gives you the chance to choose which one to see in a theater. With Itunes movie trailers there’s no way you miss a trailer.

iTunes Movie Trailers

  • Photoshop fix: Adobe Photoshop fix is a photo editor that gives you advanced tools for a professional editing. From your iPad or iPhone now it is possible to get perfect photos. Another remarkable detail is that Photoshop fix offers Creative Cloud support, that way you can share your master pieces with Adobe communities.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

  • HEAR: Let your iPhone harmonizes your environment sounds with HEAR, the app that will make everything sound perfect for you. 7 free filters adjust how world should sound, you can also use HEAR at work thanks to the office filter, this advanced app guarantees that every sound will be more interesting from now on.

The app formerly known as H _ _ r

  • Waze: This is one of the most helpful iPhone app ever, it is a based traffic and navigation app, with live routing based on community driven. Waze allows you to have the best driving experience. But that’s not all you can also get alerts from accidents police traps and more even you can get info about cheapest gas prices.


  • My fitness pal: Qualified with an outstanding rating this app is designed to be your fitness conscience voice 24/7. My Fitness Pal is your best choice if you want to track what and how much you eat. The app also includes calorie counter and more than 350 exercises, besides you can find the diet that fit your needs. If you want to lose, maintain or gain some weight this is the app you need in your iPhone.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

After reading this, you need to prioritize the apps you really need!

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