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8 Useful tips to enrich your creative process!

Useful tips to enrich your creative process!

If you think there are so many ideas in your head waiting to show up, don’t panic this article is just what you need to read. Today’s world moves at the speed of light and there is certainly a lot of things going on in the world, which means that staying behind it is not an option. Sometimes the information charge is so overwhelming that it causes that many people feel their brains are stuck or staying at the same creative space over and over again.

To artistic brains being mentally stock is a big deal, it implies that creativity range is affected by this condition in a negative way. Designers’ minds must be in a constant refreshing state that allow them to be constantly connected with their inspiration source to move forward towards new artistic challenges. We know that sometimes extra help is required when you need to put everything in order in your head, reason why we bring for you some tips to switch on your mental and artistic flexibility.

1- No boundaries:

something you should never do is placing limits to your mental abilities, this could be the difference between creating something regular or totally amazing.

2- Be constant:

if you practice every day you will keep your brain working all the time looking for creative ideas.

3- Start reading:


it is scientifically proved that your mind will open up as much as you read, so take a little time every day to read, this will light up your creativity.

4- Start writing:

if you want to accelerate your artistic performance write down every single idea, you never know when will show up a good one.

5- Eat Healthy:

stop thinking that everything will appear by magic, eating healthy food is also an important step in the creative process, because it helps to raise your abilities. Specially food with high levels of anti-oxidants.

6- Exercise your mind:

Stimulating your brain is necessary because you force it to figure things out from different angles to which normally does not consider to approach.

7- Exercise your body:




to release your creativity at maximum, it is pretty necessary to have a balance inside and out, the endorphins produced when you exercise will have a positive impact allowing you to find the inner peace needed to produce great ideas.

8- Enjoy:

the best part of doing what you really love is that it does not feel like work, if you have the gift of creating you are really lucky, so delight yourself with every aspect of your passion.

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