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Hand Drawing, a 2017 design tendency that you’ll get to see a lot

Among the design tendencies that will be more and more seen in 2017 we can mention Hand Drawing. Take a look to these creative examples.

Hand Drawing is a style characterized by the handwork that creative people are capable of creating.

Hands can accomplish designs with a personality of their own. Human imperfection allows -through pencil, ink, pastels or oil painting, among many other techniques- to give visual creativity a unique characteristic that will be used during the upcoming months.

In typography, logos, ads, signs, advertisement, packaging and multiple design possibilities, we’ll often find this type of creative tendencies and that’s why we want to inspire you with some examples.

Notice how hand drawing can be integrated to different materials and products generated by graphic design.

Restaurant branding – Pankoo/Bizhen Korean BBQ by Steven Chapuis


Peacock / Hand drawing, by  Yasushi Muraki


The Dirty Dozen, by Mr Woody Woods


Graphic Book: Master of the World, variations on J. Verne, by Daria Epifanova


Free-hand drawing, by Ksenia Zaitseva


Narrative Information Design, by Lewis Clarke


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