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Affiliation Marketing: an excellent option to increase your income as an Artist

In this opportunity we want to talk to you about one of the online marketing strategies that is currently having excellent results.

If you’re an artist selling your products online and you have your own website, blog, Facebook and other social media with good traffic, the Affiliate Marketing might be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your site and make it profitable with not too much effort.

Let’s begin with the basics, what is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a marketing strategy and a monetization tool.

It is based in a model of “payment for results” and works as a channel that a brand uses to promote its products and services paying those people that promote them in websites, blogs, social networks, etc.

This model has three parts:

1- An advertiser (owner of the brand/product/service)

2- An affiliate (administrator of a webpage, fan page or blog that affiliates to a brand or product to promote it and earn a commission for it)

3- A platform that serves as the “advertisement space” where the offer meets the demand.

How does this system work?

In our particular case, when you join our affiliate program and you choose who you want to promote, we will provide you with a “unique affiliate code” for you to share and refer the product to your followers. Also, this code will be used to make a follow up to the conversions made through your affiliate ID.

You can also use it to keep track of your commissions and performance. To put it in a few words, you get a link to refer clients and every time somebody uses that link to enter our site and make a purchase, it will be registered that this client belongs to you. It’s that simple!

Benefits of the Affiliate Marketing Program

It’s free: In our program you don’t have to pay any monthly or annual fee to affiliate.

It’s quick: Our affiliate program probably represents one of the fastest and cheapest (maybe not the simplest) ways to start making money on line. You just have to promote your referred code and with the sales that link gets generate an income.

It’s easy: you ca make money even if you’re not all day in front of your computer.

You can try different banners and arts to promote them in your site and Social Networks.

If you’re interested in participating in our new program contact us at:

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