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10 design Tumblrs you won’t get to take your eyes off

The personal page of a graphic designer is as important as a digital portfolio. Different platforms can be used for this and many of them offer quick access for creating image galleries as a means for visual communication.

Official websites allow you to show not only your professional work but also your creativity and inspiration.

A portfolio is the selection of key works you want to show to a future client or employer, while your personal page or blog, can be a limitless explosion of creativity, where you express your thoughts, ideas to develop or personal designs.

A platform that has served to introduce several design works its social network Tumblr that allows you to share images with everybody.

Designers use Tumblr to upload images, share or cite photographs and designs while freely expressing themselves.

Here we present you 10 Tumblrs of international designers that you can’t miss. They’ll probably serve you as inspiration for creating or improving yours.

01 Radiographista



Radiographista’s daily themes mean you always know what to expect

Updated seven days a week, Radiographista keeps things nice and orderly by posting three lovely things every day, with a set theme for every day: Sunday is web design, Monday is branding, Tuesday is typography, Wednesday is editorial, Thursday is industrial, Friday is illustration and Saturday is all about architecture.

02 Curioos



Curioos showcase work from up and coming designers

Curioos bring you a selection of the very best digital artworks by up and coming illustrators and designers from across the world. There’s plenty of inspiration to be had here, as the guys don’t stick to one discipline. Whatever illustration or graphic design style you like, you’ll no doubt find a few examples here.

03 Baubau House

top-tumblr-design1Baubau Haus is one of the best curated-based blogs out there

Baubauhaus is here to feed your daily need of design, illustration, photography, fashion and of all else art-related. Inspiring for almost every creative out there, this is one of the best curation-based tumblr blogs out there.

04. Design: Related Gallery


Head to Design: Related Gallery for quirky and cool design

Tumblr blog Design:Related Gallery is run by the guys behind community website Design:Related. Started in 2006, the website itself brings together creative people to share their work with others and the blog features projects from those in that community.

If you like looking and cool and quirky designs from all creative fields then you should definitely follow this site. In addition to this, these guys also run another cool blog called Redesign:Related, which is about, yes, you guessed it, redesign.


05. Nice things we like

top-tumblr-design3Yep, this one’s for nice creatives

Don’t we all love nice things? They’re rather nice, aren’t they? Have a look at all things nice on Nice Things We Like – a Tumblr designed for nice creatives.

The blog is a perfect outlet when it comes to providing daily inspiration – featuring font, graphic design and illustration. We dare you to take a look at it without uttering that inevitable four letter word.

06. The world of a graphic designer


Inspirational imagery here.

This Tumblr’s tag line is ‘Everything you need to know about the life of a graphic designer.’ The site is dedicated to students and amateur designers, posting up inspirational imagery and projects to inspire those with a little creative block.

The blog also links to a site filled with great tutorials and further inspiration for all your creative needs. It is in Spanish, however, so you may need to do a bit of translating first.

07. We and the Color


We And Color has a smashing layout

Number 07 in our best Tumblr blogs for designers is We and the Color, a creative outlet for showcasing the very best in graphic design, illustration and art inspiration. The Tumblr proves that you can find creative ideas in just about anything as they post about architecture, fashion and photography. The layout of the site is easy to use, with external links and useful websites for a creative in any field.

08. JamFactory


This Tumblr blog also serves as the portfolio of Gavin Strange. Strange works as a Senior Designer at Aardman Animations. He specializes in several media like film-making, illustration, toy design, and graphic design. The Droplet vinyl toy and the film BOIKZMOIND are some of his noted projects.

09. Design is Fine. History is mine.



“Imagine a time with no computers.” Based on that tagline, this blog basically showcases creativity in traditional and hand-crafted artworks. Immense yourself in this library of art and design history. Get inspired!

10.WTF Visualizations



A humorous Tumblr blog, this site shows and makes fun of visualizations/infographics that are illogical and make no sense.

That’s a wrap! Feel free to share us your thoughts and opinions via the comments box below! Also, don’t forget to head over to Tumblr’s spotlight page to explore and discover more design blogs that you might like.


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