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Daring Color Palettes Inspired by New Orleans’ Vibrant Architecture

If you’ve ever seen photos of the houses in New Orleans, you know a wide-ranging, daring mix of colors adorns this city’s architecture. Any time I stroll the streets, I’m inspired to get bold in my own home. Even those these color combinations are on the outside of these homes, consider these pre-made palettes direction for the inside of yours. In this post: some of my favorite colorful snaps I’ve taken around New Orleans + examples of how the color palette could be applied to a room + more rainbow inspiration.

A pastel array of hues is grounded with a warm, almost-lavender gray base on the house that houses Bywater Framing .


I just can’t imagine anyone ever getting bummed out in a room with these energetic, warm colors.


This vibrant mix of hues mixes both cool and warm colors for a visually exciting composition.


Blue on blue sets a sophisticated tone on this home, made all the more powerful thanks to a pop of orange.

The original room image (that I crudely Photoshopped colors on to) is from this rad house tour —> Eric’s White & Technicolor Baltimore Loft

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