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#ArtsMakers Denise Cassidy Woods. Phone Case Designer of the Week.

Hello! I’m Denise Cassidy Woods ! I’m an Artist form the U.S.

I Became an Artist totally by accident, I took a hobby level class because I was a stay-at-home mom and needed to get out of the house and one thing led to another next thing was that I couldn’t stop painting. This is how I got started ten years ago.
My Style as an artist is a very important part of who I am, for me, flowers have always induced feelings of joy, peace and warmth. These feelings are what I try to capture and convey through my paintings. So I know that through my Style you’ll recognize my work wherever It is.
If you want to know more about me and my work experience as an artist please watch the following interview, i hope you can get inspired and if you want to become an artist find good advice’s to do it!

Thanks for watching, sharing and for supporting my work through #ArtsCase

One of our favorites Phone Cases designed by Denise are:



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