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Thoughts about Samsung Galaxy Note 10

There was an idea. Gather a group of exceptional features on the same mobile.

To see if the conventional smartphone could become something else. And offer what the other terminals of the market had not been able to. Thus, the Galaxy Note family was born, whose history is already well known to all.

But in 2015.

Samsung made the decision not to launch the Galaxy Note 5 in Europe, marking a precedent and thus annoying the horde of enthusiasts of the family of mobile users for power users that the South Korean had been gathering year after year since 2011. The company was justified by offering the Galaxy S6 edge + in this part of the planet, which in broad strokes was nothing more than a Galaxy Note 5 without S-Pen. But Samsung rained criticism everywhere, to the point of being forced to finally launch the device in Europe a few months later. Now the question arises, and if Samsung was not mistaken ?, What if all he wanted was for us to realize that the fate of the S and Note series happened to come together in the same family?

Be that as it may.

since that time the terminals of this saga have become untouchable, and year after year Samsung has tried to justify the existence of the Note family through new models with increasingly advanced features, exclusive functions – of greater or greater less useful, but exclusive at the end of the day – and, in short, increasingly complete mobiles, with the aim of pleasing those who refuse to admit that the differences between the models of the S and Note series are dissipating every more time And that that special spirit of the beginnings of the Note series began to disappear at the moment that screens of more than 5.5 inches became the industry standard.

In 2019.

Samsung, for the first time, presents two different variants of the Galaxy Note series, formed by the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 +, again following the wake of the Galaxy S series, and again trying to justify that the Note family makes sense in full 2019. But, you know what? Not even losing part of its essence prevents the Galaxy Note10 + from being the best mobile ever created by Samsung.

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