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5 cool phone cases to reflect your unique style

Surely more than once you’ve seen a lot of people with the traditional and boring black case for their smartphones. Maybe even you have used one of these thinking the world didn’t have anything better to offer.

But this doesn’t have to be like that. There are now an infinity of cases available for your smartphone. Some designs can be considered as a work of art, some are clever and very funny jokes, but either way, you’ll surely love them and they’ll reflect your unique style!

Leave behind the conventional look and give a unique and fun touch to your smartphone.

01 Cacti Land by Mukta Lata Barua:

A cool patterns of cute cactus, ideal for spring arrival.

  1. cool phone cases 1

02. Momento Mori V by Riza Peker

Riza Peker is a print designer, digital artist and textile maker, who’s been working in the industries professionally since 2003. He focuses on whimsical, floral patterns, animal motifs and interesting color separations, in order to create unique pieces that stimulate your inspiration and imagination.


03. Lennon by Ilustrata

If you’re a music lover this Lennon Illustration will fit perfectly with your bohemian style.



04.  Flamingos by TracyLucy Designs.

And what about this cool flamingos design to give a fresh touch to your smartphone?


05. Wynya 55 by Winya

Surely this illustration will go very good with a dark style. This 38-year-old artist from Thailand takes his art very seriously as he can spend up to 20 hours drawing by hand each design. He loves all things related to the world of dead, something very in line with this style.

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