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5 cool phone cases to reflect your unique style

Surely more than once you’ve seen a lot of people with the traditional and boring black case for their smartphones. Maybe even you have used one of these thinking the world didn’t have anything better to offer. But this doesn’t have to be like that. There are now an infinity of cases available for your […]

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Flowers, Spring favorite theme. Take a look at these Phone cases.

Flowers are very often part of spring theme and their coloring and shapes are capable of enriching clothing. Flowers can offer a very feminine touch if they’re well combined. Flower patterns never go out of style, they offer a fresh and casual look. They’re ideal for all women regardless of their age. Take a look […]

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4 creatives that are rock stars on Instagram

Being creative is not a bad career for those who make an effort to have their own style. This is what these four professionals demonstrate with their own studios while being a source of inspiration for many. Surely you already know some of them that have an outstanding resume.   Jessica Walsh She is a […]

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