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Animal Rescue –an interactive book in favor of wild life-

‘Animal Rescue’ is a chimerical and creative book for children that teaches in a very interactive way the importance of preserving fauna.

This book was made by Patrick George, an illustrator and publicist with a great wit in doing editorial design. He specializes in children readers and his books have a very peculiar design.

They have acetate sheets and when you turn the page the printed content becomes highly interactive and tells us little stories but with big messages.


It’s not the first time Patrick George creates a book like this, but it is unique in reinforcing values and appreciation for environment. In his own words he tells us he’s always looking for a way to create new instructive and colorful tools that are accessible to as many people as possible. The process of turning pages on a book is very attractive.


A very simple content can submerge the reader in a world that aims to make him feel a greater empathy and willingness to protect his surroundings.

Without any doubt the creative work of this great illustrator is something that any lover of creative things should have in his inspirational repertoire. This book can open new horizons to empower education in all levels.

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