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#ArtsMakers Coffee Man. Phone Case Designer of the Week.

 Hi, I’m Robert Sanchez aka Coffee Man, I’m a graphic designer from Dominican Republic. Since I was a child I liked to draw, I always drew behind my notebooks and I loved coloring books. For 5 years I’ve illustrated professionally.

Do you think an illustrator / artist needs a style? Why?

I think it is relative, it depends on each one, many artists like to have an style with which they can be recognized others do not like to feel typecast in a style, in my case although I try to maintain a simple style with flat colors and lines. Sometimes I like to experiment with different styles. What I advise to those who seek to have a style, is to exercise with several and choose with the most comfortable they feel in addition to adding a personal touch.

Could you describe your creative process?

My creative process can start at any time, anything can inspire me so I always carry my sketchbook to sketch any idea, then I selected the ideas, I’m very old school, first I use pencil and paper then I scan and start The digital process on my iPad, I use the Procreate app.

What part of your life is reflected in your illustrations?

It reflects my surroundings, I live in a tropical country that is why my color palette is warm and many of my inspirations come from nature and the ocean. It also reflects my love for animals and especially coffee.

What would you say is your strongest ability?

I think it’s the power to convey humor through my illustrations

Who are the people who have influenced your aesthetics and your design approach?

Wow, there are so many people who have influenced me directly or indirectly, but among the main ones are: Olly Moss, Jhon Alvin, Bruce Tim among others.

What is your favorite artwork of your own designs? Why?

Each one is my favorite, each one has a story of me, but if I have to choose, I’ll pick Drunk Camera,  because it was the first illustration I made as Coffee Man Art.

What are you passionate about besides your work?

Coffee 🙂

Which do you consider your greatest achievement?

Being able to steal people’s smiles when they see my illustrations

What advice would you give to new illustrators?

Never give up, persistence is the key to achieve goals in life.

Could you describe a typical day in your life?

My day starts with a cup of coffee, then I go for a walk in the morning, I get ready to go to the agency where he worked as an Art Director, what I love about my job is that every day is different because there are always new projects of different industries that you have to investigate to be able to transmit the values ​​and concepts of the brand, as I commented above I always walk with my sketchbook where I take moments for my illustrations, at the end of the day I always dedicate a moment for my illustrations or to watch some series or movie .

Do you practice something to relax on stressful days, like yoga or meditation?

Lately I have incorporated into my routine walking in the morning that always relaxes me before starting the day, drawing for me is an anti-stressful, I have never felt it as work but as a hobby.

Do you know anything about Mindfulness?

I know a little but I have never practiced it, maybe one day this will encourage me to try.

Do you consider yourself a grateful person?

Yes, I consider myself grateful every day, for being able to breathe, to be healthy, I think that when you are grateful you value things more.

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