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Monday is here! 5 ways to start a successful and creative week

Invariably, Monday arrives with its intense workload, new commitments and pending issues that have to be resolved but also with a lot of visual creativity to explore.

If you feel Mondays are complicated, stressful, exhausting and cruelly full of reality, maybe you just need to change your attitude and, like pressing a button to switch from off to on, think of the beginning of the week as a great opportunity for creative success. But, how to make it? Here we offer you some tips:

1.- Have good habits


Sometimes weekends can be all party and fun, but if you don’t overdo surely you will be able to start the week with no problem. Do not forget to have a proper rest and eat well; these two elements will allow you to start your day in better conditions.

2.- Do not work more than you should


Don’t work too many exhausting extra hours… yes, we know responsibilities are unavoidable but, you should organize your time better so you don’t have to stay longer at work and get tired from the first day of the week.

3.- Have physical activity


If you can, run in the mornings or do any other kind of exercise before starting your creative activities. Working out helps you to decrease your stress levels and tension, as well as lifting the spirit.

4.- Relax


You don’t have to start your week all stressed out. On the contrary, you should have a good attitude and to do so, forget about stress. Listen to good music, have a nice cup of coffee or any drink you like and look for empathy within your coworkers.

5.- Do something different every Monday


Mondays are stressing because they are always too similar. Why don’t you plan something different for the evening or night when you finish your working day? A good movie, a night walk, a good menu, nice company or a book you wanted to read. The possibilities are infinite, you just have to use your imagination. This way you will make Mondays a much more exciting day.

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