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Lettering vs Calligraphy

Martina Flor is a lettering artist born in Buenos Aires. She’s being living and working in Europe for 7 years. Besides her commercial work for her clients, Martina considers her personal projects as a vital part of her work and creative development. Specifically, Lettering vs Calligraphy is a product of one of her personal projects in collaboration with the Italian calligrapher Giuseppe Salerno.


Martina and Giuseppe met in an event in Berlin and decided to launch this project as a kind of challenge to defy their abilities. The objective of this adventure was to explore the capacities of both technical approaches when creating a letter or a word following the guidelines of a moderator. This challenge took place online and the web users could vote for their favorite. The result is a broad library of letters to inspire themselves and others.


The website doesn’t work quite well as it’s a 2014 project and you can see they didn’t care much about its maintenance. Nevertheless, it’s truly worth it to take a look to the result of this challenge.


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