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Lettering and illustration to build a brand

Today we see a project very well achieved that has combined different fields to get a magnificent result of branding. Ali Capar is a graphic designer passionate about minimalistic design. She’s a specialist on visual identity and brand design, as well as packaging. She likes to create real experiences, brands that users can feel and […]

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Lettering vs Calligraphy

Martina Flor is a lettering artist born in Buenos Aires. She’s being living and working in Europe for 7 years. Besides her commercial work for her clients, Martina considers her personal projects as a vital part of her work and creative development. Specifically, Lettering vs Calligraphy is a product of one of her personal projects […]

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Glen Weisgerber, a lettering artist

Are you one of those people that always have a pen in hand to write whatever you need to? A sign, a note, an address, a groceries list or simply making some lines and drawings in a piece of paper. Let us tell you that you have a disease, you must be calligraphy addict. Today […]

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