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Dressing up buildings, a trendy topic in architecture

The American artist Crystal Wagner has transformed a precious Art Nouveau and over 100 years old building in something spectacular. The artist’s work is called Hiperbólica and it’s a colorful cobweb adapted to the 21st century that enhances the structure.

Crystal’s latest artwork can be found in Lodz Street in Poland. It’s the frontage of a beautiful building where the spider web alights over its balconies and walls.


It isn’t the first time this artist amazes everybody with an artwork of such dimensions. She uses a variety of materials like wire and nylon braided in different colors. The result is placed over different buildings and the outcome is just great.


The artwork is part of the UNIQA Arte Lodz project, commissioned by Michal Biezynsk. The artist has declared that she’s very interested in the dialog between architecture and the organic shapes or structures found in nature.

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