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Multicolor celebs in this creative portrait series

This series shows different celebs in unique portraits filled with color.

The making and production of each of these portraits aims for more than only visually describing a person. It wishes to display the soul of the image’s protagonist as much as possible while demonstrating the creative ability and abstraction of the author of the visual piece.

This way, the portrait becomes an element intimate and expressive for the art maker and also for the audience who receives it. That’s why different techniques have been developed to raise this important graphic style as can be seen in the examples we’ll share today.

It’s a series of pieces developed by the French illustrator and visual creator Umo Masada. To create these celebs’ portraits the artist worked with the characteristic lines of the person on a dark background and later he applied the distinctive display of color.

Famous actors, musicians, politicians, important people and fictional characters are part of the cast portrayed by this artist. Here we show you the result of his interesting creative proposal.





creative portrait-Umo-Masada-08

creative portrait-Umo-Masada-01

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